Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Red Carpet Review: 2011 MET Gala

The Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit was presented last night at the 2011 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The 2011 MET Gala is the night where fashion royalty, their muses, and celebrities come together to appreciate the art of fashion.

While the legacy of Alexander McQueen was truly the highlight of the MET Gala, there were of course some #winning and #losing looks on the Red Carpet.

Alexander McQueen looks were the most coveted of the night; naturally since the entire night was centered around honoring his talent and artistic provision to our generation.  From vintage dresses, to uber couture feathered works of art, the mind of McQueen, and the just-as-creative work of Sarah Burton, were featured brilliantly on the Red Carpet.

Looks from top left to bottom right
Naomi Campbell Spring 2004
Sarah Jessica Parker Fall 2005
Gisele Bundchen Fall 2005
Daphnee Guiness Spring 2011
Coco Rocha Pre-Fall 2011
Salma Hayek Spring 2011

Stella McCartney was also a big name last night, having some big names wearing her beautiful gowns.  Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, and Iman wore looks by the amazing designer that perfectly mixes the art of masculine and feminine aesthetic.  Aside from Rihanna's dry red braid and wrong shoe choice which Stella couldn't do anything about, I thought that each look was unique and fully demonstrated McCartney's genius.

Designers Tory Burch and Rachel Roy were seen paired with two gentleman with high aspirations of breaking into the fashion industry.

Kanye West looked polished (and well groomed; do you see those eyebrows?? smh) last night, opting for a safety pin to close his jacket.  Best idea of the night; I see that as becoming a trend that I may even use.

Rachel Roy looked amazing, and was coupled with Amare Stoudemire, who is working with Roy on her capsule collection for Macy's

Just three days after the Royal Wedding, we have celebs working hard to keep the London pageantry alive with looks that have too much resemblance with Kate Middleton's dress.

Fergie wants to be from London so badly; first, her name is Fergie..and now she wants to dress like Princess Katherine, the Dutchess of Cambridge.  I don't think the dress worked for her at all; Fergie needs to stick with bolder colors and sexier silhouettes.

Again, another confused celeb who thinks they are still in London.  Serena Williams should stay away from the Cinderella look, and definitely permanently remove herself from wearing fascinators.  Serena should flaunt that body and wear simple cut looks. Straight or flowy...not poofy with feathers.  Calvin Klein should be on her speed dial!

Christina Ricci in Zac Posen - If this doesn't demonstrate Wednesday Adams all grown and sexy, I don't know what does!  We just had our very own sequel to the movie with just one night of production.

J Lo and Marc Anthony in Gucci.  Jennifer Lopez wore a Gucci gown from the Fall 2011 RTW Collection.  It looks good on her, but the opening of the dress in front is too open; perhaps its just the way she is standing

Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein - I am always a huge Calvin Klein fan, and even a bigger fan of Zoe Saldana, but the two didn't work well together last night.  I love the color, and the simplicity, but compared to the extravagant gowns surrounding her, she looks like she got dropped off in front of the wrong venue and her Prom is actually on 67th and Fifth Ave.

Andre Leon Talley - For someone who is a GENIUS in fashion, he must have been moonlighting as Barney.. I mean, I knew that the actor playing Barney was Black, but I didn't know that he could also influence the world of Fashion and create words like "Drekatude" and judge America's Next Top Model..  Who are we kidding, we love him because of his larger-than-life (and larger-than-fabric) personality.  I bet underneath that royal trapeze is a very dapper tuxedo.

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