Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wear Your Peace: Peace Cord Bracelets Support Afghan Communities

There are many ways to show support for world peace; you can start a non-profit, become a philanthropist, or run for Miss America.  The easiest and most fashoinable way is to wear your support for peace.  The rubber bands can be clever, but for a more luxurious versitile option, Peace Cord has developed a series of bracelets that are sure to spread fashion for a cause.

Peace Cord is a bracelet hand woven by women in Afghanistan from authentic parachute cords and fatigue and dress uniform buttons from U.S. armed forces uniforms.  Proceeds from the sale of Peace Cord support both AZRU and Spirit of America through programs that empower women to lift their families out of poverty and humanitarian projects that rebuild the war-torn country.

The cords, hand woven by women in Afghanistan, come in different styles and colors, being the perfect accesory for any occasion.  The best part of the bands is that they are not gender-specific.  My favorite band is the Navy Dress Bracelet; woven in green with the gold Navy seal button.  I wear it with everything, but it looks best when paired with a casual shirt with rolled-up sleeves. 

For you Glee lovers, Jane Lynch has been seen wearing a Peace Cord bracelet..she's amazing...so clearly this is a trend thats worth following!

The bracelets are available online at http://www.peacecord.org/ and range from $10-$20.  

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