Saturday, June 25, 2011

NBA Draft 2011 Simple Fashion and Kemba Walker's Pink Shoes

Unlike previous NBA Drafts where 8-button suits and crazy plaid jackets ruled the top picks, this year's class rook a classic approach with basic suits that presented a more mature, style-conscious bunch of NBA prospects.  The only story that can come out of the draft - aside from the actual talent of the players - are the pink saddle shoes worn by Top Ten Pick Kemba Walker.  Many blogs praise the #9 Draft Pick for wearing Pink shoes at a NBA draft, and I agree with one important condition; consider this a QTip:

While Walker does a great job - as most of the draftees - with wearing pants with a less than 20 inch opening for once, there is a problem with the break of the pant at the bottom with the shoe.  The colors actually clash because of the way his pants meet his shoes.  For instance, most men who mix and match colors know that there has to be some type of detail that helps marry the two (or three, or seven) colors together.  If Walker had a better cuff and, dare I say, show some ankle or a pair of colored socks (purple would definitely work here just to be daring), it would have made the look effortless.  Being as tall as Walker is, its not easy or sartorial to pull off the "sockless Monday" look, with a higher hemmed pant, but for true execution of the look, it is a requirement.  "A" for effort though -  at least he took a chance and got the attention of every spectator!

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