Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carlos Campos Spring 2012 Collection

In a time where men have been longing for designers to bring masculine fashion back in style, Carlos Campos has obliged in a way that's simple, unique, and representative of the idea of manhood that spans across generations and cultures.  You can follow this idea of man through a course of time; from the mountains of South America, to the automobile boom of Detroit, to the summer streets of the upper west side, the Carlos Campos SS12 Collection exposes the hidden quality of blue collar style.

Inspired by the "ethnic vibrancy of the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan cultures," Campos used patterns and colors that are indicative of South American culture.  Focusing on a modern approach to uniforms, Campos created a collection that is interchangeable, durable, and well-executed.

 The collection was very similar to the style of dress of men in the 50's: masculine men who cared about their appearance, without having to do the status quo "rat pack" style of dress during that era.  Subtle details, such as the single pleating in the trousers, to the manipulated pockets of the jackets, were a sign that styles from the past can easily re-emerge with proper tailoring and execution.  With color blocking being a major trend this season, Campos perfected the craft by blocking shades of the same color, as well as pairing colors asymmetrically, adding attitude with balance.

A standout  accessory of the collection were the shoes.   From blue suede to the tribal fabric used for Campos's show invitation, Generic Man provided footwear that accompanied the collection perfectly.  

To get the full experience of the collection, view the video footage below:

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