Monday, September 19, 2011

Zang Toi Spring 2012 Collection

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Zang Toi always gives you the essence of regality with his designs, but this season, he takes it to the beginning of it all with his "dream of North Africa."  The collection was glamorous, well executed, and bountifully drmamatic; as to be expected by the talented designer.  In this collection, Zang Toi brings you into his dream of North Africa, but also leaves you to your own thoughts and personifications of the ancient and present elements of that region.

The colors, down to the names (ebony, ivory, sapphire), have strong implications to North Africa, and of the African continent in general.  The gold leaf on the garments, to the rich metallic gold handbag puts you in mind of the gold coast and the riches of Northern African nations.  The linen is reminiscent of ancient rucksacks and sackcloth used in the biblical times of Job and King David.  The blue was as eternal as the seas on the continent, and of the extravagant garments worn by African royalty. 

The first look, from the 24K gold leaf, to the dramatic linen cape, to model Gorgie Badiel channeling her roots to exude the power of the African woman - brought the audience into the powerful, regal, ancient time of Africa's dynasty and influence.  As models regally entered the runway, which felt like the King's chambers, each look had elements of luxury, boldness and expert craftsmanship.  Zang Toi garments will always be tailored to perfection, and even with the woman's jackets he was able to utilize crisp tailored lines with enough accents to create feminine silhouettes.

The statement piece, "Make Love not War," was accepted well with the audience, and is a perfect way to wear your support of peace, especially in the current social climate we live in.  The top, paired with the gold pants, was a very sexy youthful addition to the collection. 

To end the show, Kirstie Alley walks in a dramatic, sapphire couture silk gazar gown, topped with a jewel encrusted imperial coat.  Alley, beautiful and still in great shape after her trime on Dancing With the Stars, gracefully walked the runway, continuing the roar of applause that had been occuring throughout the entire presentation of Zang Toi's collection. 

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