Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sally LaPointe Spring 2012 Collection

Entering into the Sally Lapointe show put you in an expectation for something dark, twisted and romantic. The cold, white room with arched walls, smoke, and spotlights were grounds for an epic moment of experiencing a fantasy from the mind of LaPointe. Talented designer, and the source of many of Lady Gaga’s looks, Lapointe was inspired by an abandoned hospital at the historic Roosevelt’s Island. The island, known for its asylums, and prisons, has its own mysterious characteristic that was evident in the fabrics and prints of Lapointe’s Spring 2012 Collection.

Mixing hard, structured tops, with angelic draping, Sally LaPointe created a collection that energized the female body. The sheer details and sexy silhouettes was a style memoriam to one of Roosevelt Island’s sexiest inhabitants, Mae West. Many of the looks, with the structured heavy shoulders, were reminiscent of the iconic bat costume worn by the actress, and pioneer of the woman’s curvy silhouette. Other looks were an artistic, sultry interpretation of the hospital uniforms that patients of Roosevelt Island may have worn before the demise of the smallpox outbreak.

Just when the color palette seemed to be all black with metallic elements, a group of vivid yellow looks glided along the runway, offering another twist on the dark romanticism of LaPointe’s inspiration. The color was so striking, that it brought a smile to the collection, while maintaining an edge true to her aesthetic.

photos: Getty Images

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