Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of The Ave - 2011

Another year has passed us, and 2011 ended as an amazing year, full of comedy, tragedy, and random confusion. Here are a few of my favorite 2011 moments; many that were featured on Avenue Swank at one point through 2011.

Best Magazine Cover - Tilda Swinton for W Magazine
Androgyny at its finest, Tilda Swinton proves that she is in fact one of the premier fashion muses of 2011, and will surely continue in 2012.  Tilda would be an amazing choice for a Tom Ford ad.

Best GOP Political Candidate - Herman Cain
Despite his seemingly temporary disdain for Black people,  Herman Cain brought energy, comedy, and color (pun semi-intended) to the GOP.  Without him, the race is boring, and we're essentially waiting for the next Obama Inaugural ball to see if Beyonce's baby will perform the children's rendition of "At Last."

Best Concert - Sade
Beyonce at Roseland was great.  Watch the Throne Was Amazing. But its the excitement of seeing a musical icon perform, after years of wishing to see her sing live, that makes for a mind-blowing concert.  Sade's voice is so pure and powerful that you had no choice but to stare in awe that after so many years of performing, and a total of 10 years without a live concert, she still captured the hearts of everyone there. 

Best Fashion Trend - Color Blocking
Color blocking is so easy and fun (if you follow my rules) and has clearly hit the trend boards for 2011, and will definitely be seen at least throughout Fall 2012.  

Best Fashion Collaboration - Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry
This collaboration may not have been hyped up like the Versace or Target collaborations, but since this was the last collection of Amy Winehouse, and proceeds went towards her foundation, the collection was meaningful, and full of black and white houndstooth which was major for Fall 2011. 

Best "Wait-in-Line" for Release - Jordan Air Concords
People camped out for Versace for H&M, but were there any deaths? Arrests? Broken windows? Nope.  And for this, the Jordan release will forever be the realest, most dangerous release to wait for.

Best Mix Tape Breakthrough - Frank Ocean
Who would have thought that launching the single "Novacane" would result in sold out concerts.  The singer/songwriter has been behind the scenes writing for Beyonce and singing "sweet baby Jesus" on Watch the Throne tracks, but Nostalgia is an amazing project that is worth the listen if you haven't already done so. 

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