Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Q-Tips Holiday: Stocking Stuffer Guide for Women

The Twelve Days of Christmas are here, and many of you are stuck between a partidge in a hard place.  The big gift may take some time (though you don't have much time left) to buy, but you can at least grab some stocking stuffers for your favorite lady!

Candy Store Accessories - Range $10-20, Macy's (
Candy Store’s silicone accessories offer protection for delicate items that would otherwise be destroyed or lost at the bottom of a handbag.  They’re resistant to anything and everything, from heat to even turkey gravy, and can be easily cleaned with water.  The bright colors are fun, and can be the perfect gift for women of all ages.

Melania Black & White Crystal Band Ring - $59.50,
Melania Trump's new line of fashion jewelry exclusive to QVC has a selection of statement pieces that will enhance any New Year's Eve look with ease.

AllSaints Arouet Bracelet, $95,
Everything needs edge.  This versatile zinc bracelet will can soften or harden any look. 
Gap Cable Nnit Pom-Pom Hat, $21.90 (sale!),
My favorite part of this hat is the fur pom-pom; adds a simple luxe factor to the chunky cableknit skully.  

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