Thursday, January 5, 2012

What You Learn from Kanye's Tweets

Kanye West has been rather vocal recently on twitter; no surprise that Kanye West is vocal, but we haven't seen this much twitter action from him in quite some time.  It surprised me when I looked on my timeline and saw the crowned Kanye head laying sideways, making comments about his clothing line, and the fake twitter handle that was created in his Dw Kanye West namesake (which you will soon see that is not the real name of his collection).  I wondered how he would feel after his debut at Paris Fashion Week, when he may not have received the reaction he wanted; I was waiting for a verse in a song to be about those who didn't like it.  However, it seems that Kanye has a more gentle approach when it comes to receiving the criticism of those in the fashion industry.  Could it be possible that Kanye West has a level of respect for fashion that transcends music?  Its no secret that my review of the focused on a need of focus, but I took his tweets as a short lesson into where his mind is when it comes to truly being in the fashion industry. 

Kanye west started his enlightenment with  saying "I appreciate everyone's support for my clothing line but I wanted to clarify a few things..."

Here are seven things that I either learned, or think that you should know about Kanye's fashion journey, in nor particular order:

1.  The collection is not called Dw Kanye West.  The collection is simply called Kanye West, but his design company is called DONDA.  The word "design" seems to be more about set production than fashion, but you can email him to reach out.

2. Kanye has no agency representing him.  Perhaps his love for Cara Lewis is the reason.

3. He used tour money to back his collection.  No investors. #WTT was clearly made for Spring 2013.

4. Kanye has been working on a collection for 8 years.  We all remember Pastelle.. didn't work.  BAPE collaboration.  Didn't work. 

5.  The four words "Imma let you finish" and the #kanyeshrug messed up more than his likability - it also ended his LA office to do fashion work.

6.  If you were under contract with Louis Vuitton for 2 years, and you go and intern with Fendi and Guiseppe Zanotti undercover, don't expect LV to give you another opportunity.

7. Kanye West is hiring.

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