Thursday, July 17, 2008

LA Fashion: Where Did the Style Go? Details Magazine Tells Us

A couple weeks ago, I enjoyed the LA weather, but I was not a fan of LA fashion. I posted a list of all the mishaps I saw while I was there. I thought that I may have been sheltered while I was there, and maybe I didn't really see what LA fashion has to offer, but after I checked the mail today, I realized that I wasn't the only style critic to have a problem with Sunny Cali's style.

Details Magazine calls LA the worst dressed city, and states how LA inhabitants commit one of the worst sins in fashion: "Trying way too hard to appear casual." In the August Issue, with James McAvoy on the cover, Detail's shows pictures of LA men offending all fashion rules, and especially QTips. We have Pashminas and Straw hats together, Deep V-neck tees with chest hair, Big buckles matched with studded leather jackets, and Printed tees layered over those shirts that have "tattoo-like" sleeves. WOW LA, do you really think this is cool?

So Where did the LA style go? If they are committing the worst sin in fashion, and they haven't repented, then LA Fashion is going straight to HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO!

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