Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Michelle Obama Fashion: Wrap Dress Worn at Kansas City Engagement

Photos: Daily Kos, Show Me Progress

First Lady hopeful Michelle Obama spoke in Kansas City last week to a select group of women in a small Q&A session. Her visit is a part of a series of engagements that Michelle is holding to speak with the American women and understand their concerns for their country.
"These are working folks, many with jobs we would all covet, college education, good trade jobs," Obama said. "This is sort of the state of things for people who are working, with no clear emergency going on ... We have to begin to recognize the crunch we're putting people in."

Let's get to the fashion...

This wrap dress is a very flattering choice for Michelle. First, as you all know from watching "What Not to Wear" wrap dresses help create a narrow waistline which gives Michelle an even more defined hour glass figure. Michelle didn't need much help with creating that shape though.. lets get real.

But, what stood out most to me is how Michelle is staying up with the trends. The whole tribal tie dye print is hot this season, and she is dong it with the utmost class. We can't see her shoes in the pics that I posted, but she is wearing black peep-toe patten leather pumps. Good choice MO!

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