Tuesday, August 26, 2008

QTips: Men's Summer Series: Linen

While the weather is still warm, the traditional Summer is almost over, as Labor Day is quickly approaching us within the next 2 weeks. This means that many of the "summer styles" need to be put back in the closet until next season... Unless of course you own something really trendy or really out of style, and therefore you need to either burn or give away your summer clothes to the homeless.

In light of the new rules that white can be worn after labor day, so is the rule that Linen is allowed as long as the weather is warm. Linen is allowed, but ONLY when worn correctly. I should have done this post earlier in the season, because I have seen too many people violate the linen rules. But its not too late, with about a good 2 months left in Linen season, here are some rules that both men and women should abide by.

1. There is a time limit! Since linen wrinkles easily, you should only wear it for a time frame of about 4 hours. Although most people understand the behaviour of linen, you still look like you just work up and came out in your pajamas.

2. Linen pants or top.... you choose - Leave the matching linen top and pants to men over 40 (not like its cool after 40, but still...)

3. Linen suits, comprised of slacks and a linen sportcoat, are permitted when you match it with a white, or pastel dress shirt

4. Dress shoes only! I saw a guy wearing linen pants and Air Force Ones, and I wanted to throw up! Please, if you want to be "grown and sexy" then commit to it! Buy you some nice dress shoes and wear them properly. Allowable shoes are the same as those that compliment seersucker. Click here to see my post on the correct shoes.

5. Make sure they fit! Again, the key to looking good is to look polished and tailored. Baggy linen pants with a drawstring is not cool, nor is it in style and it does not make you look good.

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