Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back from Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend, ironically, was a very relaxed weekend for myself. Weekends normally imply traveling for me, and this weekend wasn't an exception. I got to spend the entire weekend back in Hooville (Charlottesville), reacquainting with friends, and enjoying the game in front row fashion. Sure, UVA got creamed by USC (we can't help that we value academia over athletics), but it was still great to sing the Good Ol' Song with friends at least once, as the whole stadium wore oranges, looking like a sea of Hillary Clintons during DNC.

While there, I finally got a chance to experience the Charlottesville life outside of UVA. Going to apple and peach orchard, eating peach donuts and peach milkshakes (and these peach milkshakes definitely brought me to the yard), checking out antique stores, and taking breathtaking photos of the Mountain Sunset.

With that said, put up your white outfits, and stay tuned this week for more of the Ave!

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