Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cindy McCain Fashion: RNC Day 1

In the wake of Hurricane Gustav, First Lady Laura Bush, and John McCain's wife (not the first lady, hopefully ever) Cindy McCain addressed the Republican National Convention participants and national audience, urging them to support those in the gulf coast who were affected by the storm.

Judging from Cindy McCain's outfit, there may be a battle of style among she and Michelle Obama. This fashion race may be larger than the Presidential Race. McCain wore a golden yellow coat dress with bottom pleating, and some high peep-toe pumps. Both potential First Ladies this year are going against the grain of what "normal" first ladies (Hillary in 3 piece pant suits in same color, and Laura in skirt suits and pearls) but I have to give the award to Cindy McCain. Some of you may not like my choice, but I'm all about modern looks and Cindy's outfit looks like something off of the current runway. The collar shouldn't have been popped for this type of audience, but there should not be an argument that her outfit is chic and you can tell that she indeed has money. I would have liked to see a different color of this dress on her. The yellow matched with her hair and skin color doesn't do much for her, and I think black would have made her look like a witch, especially with that Elvira collar. Maybe a fuscia or royal blue would have been better.
Clothes alone don't make you fly, so Michelle still has that award, but I have to give Cindy 5 more points for wearing heels and not flats during her convention.

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