Thursday, September 4, 2008

Debbie Phelps is New Face for Chicos

My favorite person from the Beijing Olympics, and mother of the biggest athlete from the games, Debbie Phelps, has signed a deal with women's clothier Chico's. When I look at her, "Chico's" definitely comes to mind, because that's the generation that market. This should be a good move for Chico's, since they had such a loss in profits due to their attempt to target a younger audience.

It's amazing that because of being the mother of an athlete, you get large endorsements. This goes back to the days of O.J. Simpson's mother, and the soup commercials of Donovan McNabb's mother.

The line is already available at Chico's and the Orange jacket pictured is almost $400! I know you can find outfits like this in the thrift store for $37.

Maybe with this new deal, she can help her son with his fashion sense...

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