Monday, September 8, 2008

I Want to Work for Diddy: Recap

Mike, Take off that silly hat

I wish Red and Kim could go into a cage and fight... Kim's name would naturally be Kimbo.

Both teams had to design a t shirt for the promo event as well.. Both of the shirts looks alike too.. not too much of a difference.. just use the fragrance logo and call it a day.

Downtown's shirt was the best design. Very simple and wearable, and the back was a nice touch.

Having LaVerne and Red as the spokesmen outside was a bad choice. Red is just ridiculous.. he is too high strung and nervous to be Diddy's assistant.. he would be a rag doll for Diddy... Having Suzanne in to sell was a GREAT choice.

I would buy anything Kendra and Stephanie sells... well, I would act as if I would buy it

Why is Mike saying "Hello" like that? He ... and again with the corny shoes that don't match the outfit! Light brown shoes with a dark suit? Untailored suit with all three buttons fastened??

Boris.. you are showing your corny side buddy... get it together

Capricorn's coat is sick!!

Uh oh, Uptown lost, so i will predict which two will go on the chopping block.. I definitely think it should be between Red and Laverne. Both of them sucked in this challenge, and I hope that Red gets eliminated.

"You being an adult would respect my expertise" Kim, you are a contestant on the show.. what expertise do you have? if you were an expert, then you would be a judge, not a contestant! Get over yourself please! Do you really think Diddy can handle more than one ego in the room?

Wow, how did Red escape this elimination? Kim has officially Spazzed out. But, she was saved yet again... Her time has to be running out soon.. Too bad for LaVerne, but she (or he) had to go against the wrath of KIMBO!

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