Monday, September 8, 2008

VMA Fashion: Almost as Bad as the Show

The show was lackluster, and so was the fashion. The MTV Video Music Awards is known to have a more edgy, casual red carpet than that of the Oscars or Emmy's, so there is always lots to talk about when it comes to the red carpet. Its as if everyone decides to push the envelope and take huge risks at the VMA's, and most of the time its to a fault.

The Best

Lauren Conrad - Besides the boob area looking a bit lopsided, LC looks well put together. Not sure if this is one of her original designs, but she probably doesn't either.

Neyo - The hat will always be a staple in his fashion, but that's not what make this outfit hot. The jacket and shoes are ridiculous, and I am glad that he came to the VMA's in something befitting of the night. Neyo usually makes wise choices for red carpets and does well with colors.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons- I need just one of Russel's Nieces! I keep telling you that plaid is in! It may be a bit much for a long dress, but I still like it. Angela's dress is cool too, but I like the play of color with the yellow bag and pink shoes.
The Worst:
Solange - Please Solange, get over the need to be different and anti-Beyonce, and be seen in public with something decent on for once! The shoes are sick though... ladies you gotta love the shoes.
Kheri Hilson - Do you have money?!?!?! What is this?? Like seriously, if you can only buy forever 21 outfits, at least buy an outfit that fits!
The "Not Quite Sure How I Feel:"
Lupe Fiasco - He is normally fresh, so I can only imagine that I might be missing something in this look.. I know those boots are the trend for this Fall, but the pants could have had a better fit. I think he should leave this look to Andre 3000, because he is the only one that can truly pull this off. This is what happens when you try to do every trend that you see...
Jonas Brothers - 2 out of 3 anyway. Nick Jonas in that white satin is too much... We as men should not wear satin suits!
Rihanna - I like the top.. the skirt is OK.. but the white shoes?? That's what brought you down to this category Rihanna.

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