Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crocs?? Please Hurry and Go Bankrupt

I'm sitting here checking my emails, and I get an email from Amazon with the subject "New Crocs for Everyone with Free Shipping"

Who is still buying these? Furthermore, who really matriculated from the standard Croc to these FUGLY Croc high heels?

To go even further, why would Amazon think that emailing customers about Crocs would serve as a good marketing strategy?

I'm throwing up.


  1. I love Crocs and my kids love them. Just because you don't like doesn't mean others do. How about if I said this web site blows, and in all honestly, it looks as it does. But you get 11 people a day to the site so I guess 11 people feel its a good site.

  2. lol butt-hurt croc fan...I love crocs cause they are the only shoe not to flare up my plantar fasciitis.....but yeah, heard they are going bankrupt

  3. Yes, I love crocs too. The best thing to wear in the pouring rain. I'll have to stock up on a few pair.



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