Thursday, April 9, 2009

Notre Dame Protesting Against President Obama

President Obama has been invited by Arizona State University and Notre Dame to be the keynote speaker at their commencement ceremonies this May.

Unlike ASU, who is extremely excited about Obama's visit (despite the fact that they will not be offering him an honorary degree) a mass (pun intended) of Catholic protesters are standing against the President, due to his political decisions. "Praying for Divine intervention," protesters are against Obama's visit to campus, mainly because of his pro-choice policies that are against Catholic principles.

I am not in favor of abortion, but I do feel that individuals have the freedom of choice to make their own decisions. What I don't like is how Susan found it shocking that the catholic protesters would pray for 40 days for Obama to become pro-life. Why wouldn't they pray? Isn't that what Catholic's do? I believe in the power of prayer, so I see no problems in their method. What I don't understand is how the protesters are assuming that Obama is Pro choice. Maybe he is pro life, but understands that the people of the Nation he represents needs the option. I think they need to pray for some more wisdom to figure out what exactly to pray for..

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