Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's 100 Days of Style

Yesterday marked the 100th day of Obama's Presidency, a term that has been filled since Day One with economic turmoil, torture controversy, and American redemption with the rest of the world. The plans of working with Republicans have not gone as planned, which has turned many moderate republicans more to the left. One thing that has stayed constant throughout the past 100 days is Obama's mild tempered persona and his contagious charisma. With a very young term full of pressure and problems that were present even before his term, Obama has handled it with class and style. To me, his swagger is enough to keep him in style. Let's examine my summary of Obama's looks that contribute to his 100 days of Style...

Obama's Suit Choices

There isn't a week that you won't find President Obama in a navy suit... I would almost stretch to say that you won't find a day when his professional attire does not consist of a navy suit and white shirt. That navy suit is the most versatile color suit for a man, since it is able to handle many color variations in shirts and ties. A navy suit is very regal and formal - perfect for the leader of our country. It would be a bit too much to see the President in a khaki suit for the summer, or even a seersucker, so we will keep him at grade A for his color choice. Much better choice than a basic black. Best part of this grade, is the fact that his suits are tailored perfectly.

Obama's Tie Game Since election night, Obama has been pretty constant with his tie selection. He can almost always be seen with a light blue silk tie (the tie her wore during tonight's press conference), or his red and silver striped tie. I was happy to see him in a gray and white striped tie a couple weeks back when he was discussing his proposal for education policy. I don't know how the White House would feel with Obama taking chances with color, but I would like to see Obama with a nice tie and opposite pattern pocket square.

Obama's Casual Look -

His casual look is simple, yet fitting for a President. Again, I am a true fan of the way he rolls up his sleeves, and his pants are the perfect fit for his shoes. As you can see, he opts for a classic style jacket, although I could definitely see him in a nice three-quarter length trench coat, or even a charcoal grey pea coat.
Riding In Style - Obama's

Obama's Limo - Ridiculous! What more can I say? It has to be the swankiest automobile out there! If you can't dress in style, at least ride in style! President Obama seems to do both well, with a classic appeal. I am confident that his political and sartorial style will only increase in excellent and acceptance for the next 1300+ days!

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