Monday, May 4, 2009

Fighting Swine Flu with Fashion

photo: AFP

H1N1, or The Swine Flue as referred to by most, has been putting North Americans, and international travelers in a huge scare of the past two weeks. Fear of Mexico, border states, airplanes, and eating pork has grown more and more, as more cases begin to flare up each day. VP Biden says to stay away from public transportation, where Pres. Obama tells everyone to wash their hands and continue their daily lives. In any case, you can't go a day without seeing a mass of people on the news wearing a face mask to protect themselves from the pandemic (or whatever they are calling it these days). Those blue masks... not stylish, but very practical and needed to help fight any airborne contact of H1N1.

This past Fashion Week in New York, I attended the Duckie Brown collection, and in its dramatic effect for the runway, models strutted down the catwalk with masks of their own. This wasn't the only example of the Fashion World fighting off epidemics for the Fall 2009 Season... Check out some others below (photos from Style):

Alexander McQueen, Fall 2009

Comme des Garcon, Fall 2009

Junya Watanabe, Fall 2008 (had to mention it)

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