Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle - Scottish Singing Sensation

If you have watched ANY form of news over the past week, you have heard of the unassuming Scottish woman by the name of Susan Boyle who was a contestant on "Britain's Got Talent" The 47 year old woman stepped out on stage to a host of ridicule and laughter as prepared to wow the judges.. and she did just that! Boyle has the voice of an Angel and she is truly deserving of all of the rave she is receiving...

My question is the motive behind all of this media attention.. Each show calls her an "inspiration" and I want to know why the popular media is calling her an inspiration. I believe that she is an inspiration too, but because of the fact that she didn't let her AGE discourage her from going onto a talent show, which normally attracts a younger pool of contestants. I also believe that the popular media is focusing on her APPEARANCE rather than anything else.

Why? Well, most of the shows focused on these facts about Miss Boyle:
  • Unemployed
  • Never been Kissed
  • Never had a boyfriend

Today on CNN, they were talking about how their next story would be an interview with her to see whether or not she will allow them to make her over... Why is that so important? Do they realize the implications this focuses on? Lay off of her looks!

Now, this is coming from me.. Avenue Swank... where appearance is everything, but not this time! Clearly Susan Boyle will not be a pop artist, nor will she be using her looks to make music videos. Boyle will be one of those few artists who will capture an audience because of her voice, no matter what her looks may imply about her.

Boyle is an inspiration not just for people who may feel they are too old to achieve their dreams, but also to those who spend their lives helping others and have a chance to showcase their lives for the public to see.

Click here for the Youtube video

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