Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beyonce and Michael Jackson in Balmain 2009

There were a couple sightings of two of the most electrifying pop artists wearing the luxurious (and ridiculously priced) Balmain this week.

First we have Beyonce wearing the Balmain jacket from the Spring 2009 runway collection. The Diva paired the $11,000 jacket with some jeans that don't appear to be House of Dereon..

Secondly, we have the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, also in a Balmain shirt from the Women's Fall 2009 collection.. Kind of works on him though since he is a bit androgynous.

Learn a lesson here... unless you are a pop icon with sold out shows and top the list in wealthiest entertainers, please don't spend your hard earned money on Balmain. Its great to look at, and the couture behind it is impeccable, but the price tag is definitely not recession-proof or recession-conscious.


  1. man michael is looking great in it
    how unexpected
    but the collection was inspired by him
    i wish i could have all the jackets they are to DIE for

  2. Who would have known that the inspiration himself would be gone go suddenly?


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