Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When Trendy Goes Wrong: Cassie Shaves Her Head

Photo/Ny Mag

Its one thing to be a trendsetter, but one must first understand trends are supposed to be FOLLOWED by others... I don't think this will happen for Cassie.

Cassie, in an attempt to either reinvent herself (or just plainly get some attention/press) has shaved the right side of her head, leaving the long beautiful locks on the left. I stress the word LONG, because this look would have made more sense if she had cut down some of her length on the left side. This looks totally random, as if she wanted to shave her whole head, but got scared and is now waiting for it to grow back, but thought it would be cool to tell the press the following:

"Sometimes in life, you need a change ... Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of ... Something that displays the 'I don't give a f---' attitude that was always present, but never showcased ... & something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR."

Alright Cassie - this didn't work for Britney... the shag didn't work for Kanye...see a pattern here? The only one that has made a true statement with their hair recently was Rihanna when she decided to go short. But she went short.. not BALD! There can only be one bald chick in the spotlight, and currently that is Amber Rose.. sorry Cassie!

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