Thursday, May 14, 2009

Burberry Black Label Spring/Summer 2009 Ad

Simplicity is the name of the game for Burberry Black Label, a newer collection to the Burberry Brand. A lightweight trench in white, navy, or classic khaki is a perfect staple for this season. Roll the sleeves up on those hotter-than-usual evenings.

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  1. Dear Future customers
    I am writing to express my great disappointment in a Burberry, a brand that my spouse and I have trusted enjoyed over the years. Recently my spouse returned from an overseas trip from Japan-Tokyo and visited the Burberry Black flagship store in Ginza. Her impression of the store was very high and decided to spoil herself and purchased a lovely bag and in the process also decided for a surprise gift - brief case, for me. On her return home I received the brief case, however unfortunately as you might appreciate gift selection can be difficult at the best of times, and the was not to my taste. This however was not of great concern as we knew that she had already booked a flight to Tokyo in 6 weeks and would be able to exchange the brief case for another style, and as such thought nothing more of it… or at least we thought so!

    It then comes with great disappointment that I just then receive a phone call from my spouse to explain that the store would not consider this exchange. The brief case was never used, still retained the original packaging and labels, and is still part of the current product line. Now I can understand that she is in a different culture and society and that stores may have exchange policy’s regarding purchase of products. This however should be made available to the customer and explained; this is not a small store in a remote black market in downtown Tokyo, and thus at least in my opinion should cater for international tourists. Now from what I can gather it was indicated by the store representative that they could not accept the exchange because the item was purchased on the tax rebate scheme, to my mind this should not make any difference and if so should be explained at the time of purchase. She expressed that the exchange was for another brief case of equal value and hence should not make any difference.

    As a customer we place trust and loyalty to certain brands and pay for that little bit of comfort in knowing that what you are buying is of quality and craftsmanship. In turn we expect good service and warranty for the product. It is then somewhat disheartening to learn that a brand as internationally recognised as Burberry endorses such industry practises, regardless of international location. My understanding is that Burberry Black is a subsidiary of Burberry Limited, and for that reason does not preclude it from operating under similar guidelines. This event will undeniably taint our opinion of Burberry as a whole for any future purchases, as it will no doubt our family and friends as well. Our hope is that you endeavour to resolve this dilemma for all valued customers of Burberry and ensure that “integrity” returns to the label.



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