Monday, June 29, 2009

2009 BET Awards - Michael Jackson Inspired Fashion

Since the BET Awards didn't do an effective job honoring Michael Jackson with true MJ-esque performances, I decided to focus on the MJ inspired fashion from the show. The fashion, unlike the musical tributes, really covered the full spectrum of Michael Jackson's musical legacy during his solo career.

Jamie Foxx Started off with a few iconic outfits from MJ's Thriller and Bad era.

Kerri Hilson had a very sexy and feminine version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean era.

Monica, despite the Unswank liquid leggings, wore a Black cropped military jacket, which is totally the aesthetic of most of MJ's life - the flamboyant military look. Ciara (yes, thats Ciara, although my initial thought was that M.I.A. had lost all her baby weight) also had this look, matched with the popular taped fingertips that MJ did during his Bad era.

The best of the night had to be Neyo's red jacket at the end of the show during the final tribute song to Michael Jackson. I want this jacket now! It was a very modern take of MJ's Beat it/Thriller jackets - you could actually wear this jacket and not immediately be associated with channeling MJ, but the influence is definitely present.

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