Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards - Post show reaction

The BET Awards was collectively sub-par this year. I think we all had high hopes of them doing a grand tribute to Michael Jackson, but it ended up being a Jamie Foxx and Neyo show, with other acts just saying "RIP Mike" at the end of their performance. I give them a little slack because they only had 3 days to incorporate the Michael Jackson aspects into the show, but I think its safe to say that it didn't meet the expectations of the viewers.

Jamie Foxx was the perfect host for this year, since he could do alot of the MJ tribute himself without spending alot of time changing sets. And trust me, he definitely did alot! I think Foxx performed about 6 times during the show. Jamie also channeled MJ with his outfit changes, though towards the end Foxx fell back into his own style (Denim Suits and Space Boots).

The opening performance of New Edition covering Jackson 5 songs was lackluster in value. Normally the opening act on the BET awards is the most surprising, but I guess it was surprising to see how Fat Bobby Brown is now.. I heard New Edition was performing, but when I saw a 6 man group I thought to myself "this can't be New Edition, who is the Fat guy on stage?"

My favorite performance was Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Snoop, and Travis Barker. Travis Barker really made this performance special for me. Talk about a walking miracle..

Neyo gets the award for best Michael Jackson tribute. His version of "Lady in My Life" was awesome, and the Duet of "I'll Be There" with Jamie Foxx ended the show on a very somber and sweet note.

Other than that, I was not at all that amused with the show, even without the Michael Jackson tributes. Even though that occurred 3 days ago, the Awards have been planned for months now and it still didn't have enough to keep me entertained.

If you missed all of my coverage via twitter, you def missed a treat! But you can go to and read through nearly 4 hours of BET Awards coverage!

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  1. So RIGHT! I was so shocked how BAD Ciara's performance was, it seemed off key and out of tune. Secondly, please tell me what Beyonce was thinking? Was she marrying Mike in heaven, was she thumbellina? Who knows. Angel wings would have made sense, and she should have sang halo instead of Ave Maria! What a mess! And yes I thought the same thing...who's the fat dude in new edition?! lol


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