Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies

After a long battle on Twitter and a agonizing hour of waiting for confirmation from news sources, it was confirmed that The King of Pop Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest and later passed away earlier this evening. This happens only a day after his tour rehearsal at the Staples Arena in Los Angeles. This is a very sad day for music and American culture, as no pop, R&B or any modern singer can say that they weren't influenced by MJ. I will take the time right here to say that I have refused to watch any media or news shows right now because they are mixing in way too much negative press about Michael Jackson. Don't mistake the Artist from the ART!

Here are a couple songs that I consider to be my favorite Top 5, although I basically love every song (or at least I will dance to all of them)

#1 - Can't Help It

#2 - Butterflies

#3 - Dirty Diana

#4 - Heartbreak Hotel (My favorite live performance of this song)

#5 - Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

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