Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Q Tips: Pour out the Liquid Leggings

Rihanna. Cassie. Amerie. Pussycat Dolls. Lindsay Lohan. All wore liquid leggings.. LAST SEASON!

This was a nice, edgy look for ladies last year to spice up the normal tights that are worn throughout the year. Tights are still in style, but not the liquid ones..

First off, You really have to be a certain body type to wear these. Either model skinny, or track star Brickhouse. You really can't have "curves" (which in this case, I mean rolls). Secondly, they really aren't in style anymore - trust me.. don't waste your money!

Stick with regular tights, or the ones that I will be showing in future posts. Always remember, traditional will outlast its alternative! Don't worry, there will be other alternatives that will make you forget all about these liquid "last years"

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