Monday, June 1, 2009

Red Carpet Review: MTV Movie Awards

The Fashion, like the actual MTV Awards, were bland, confusing and forgettable. I have to say that the entire Red Carpet was poorly dressed. I understand that MTV is supposed to be edgy and fun, but I didn't see a single ounce of style on the carpet! I will give a slight point to Vanessa Hudgins and Brody Jenner, but even they missed the mark.

First offense in a very long time for Ms. Henson. Body looks great, but the print is all wrong.

Shar Jackson doesn't have much money... but its all about how you wear and work an outfit. Know your angles! She is spilling out of the top, and the underarm is not photogenic. Yes, the underarm needs a lesson! They airbrush everything else with makeup, they should have airbrushed the dark areas of her pits!

Who's curtains did she take to make this dress?

What?!? You should see the back.. its like Prince's butt-less pants from back in the day.

Bad attempt of "Rocker chic"

Suits with no shape? You still have N'Sync money and you get paid for ABDC.... Get a tailor! And whats up with the random scarf?

Hayden has been struggling with poorly fit dresses for a while now. She needs a good seamstress.

The two that I almost liked:

Brody's outfit was cool. I even like the sneaker to dress this down, but the pants don't lay over the sneakers like they should.

Photos: Getty

Vanessa looks very simple in this dress. I don't have any big issues with this, and I have to say she was the best dressed woman at the MTV Movie Awards. Even though she was best dressed, I don't really see Style or Fashion with this look.... its something that everyone can do and will do all summer long... I love simplicity, but not on a Red Carpet.

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