Sunday, July 5, 2009

Essence Music Festival 2009 - EnVogue!!!

Another interesting day today! After eating lunch next to Bishop TD Jakes and having him tell me that I should be in Standup (awesome), and helping Chris Paul of the Hornets pick out a nice pair of Gucci Laceups for the weekend, I am now off to meet a group who started it all with me being an ultimate fan at the age of 7.. En Vogue!!! They are on at 7 tonight and I can't wait.. on my way there! Seen alot of Rihanna hairstyles yesterday and today, but what I have learned at last night's Concert series is that Anita baker had the "Rihanna" before Rihanna had the "Rihanna"... get familiar!

If you want up-to-minute coverage, tune in to my Twitter Page.. I love my followers!

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