Friday, July 3, 2009

Essence Music Festival - Day 1

Even though I have been down in the wonderful New Orleans since Wednesday, today marks Day One of the Essence Music Festival! I'm super excited to be down here, for this is my first time at the Festival and in New Orleans. What a city full of culture, music, and Super Swank food! I went to Emeril's Restaurant today and had the most upscale version of one of the most ignorant stereotypes ever: Chicken and Waffles with Watermelon Slaw! Awesome dish!

I plan on posting a few sartorial sightings from the weekend, but I have yet to see anyone that truly exemplifies what we on the Ave consider to be fly. If I were to post pic right now, there would be just pics of me - I was pseudo-daring with my color combos today; Purple V-Neck with a blue and grey striped sleeveless hoodie and some black washed jeans.. not too daring, but it worked perfectly.

Tonight's lineup is going to be awesome. They have mainstage acts, and "Superlounge" acts which are small rooms with acts that may do a set of 5 songs. Talk about irony: Beyonce goes on mainstage at 10:30 and Keri Hilson goes on at 10:45 in the superlounge.. I wonder which one will have the most spectators.. I think Essence did that on purpose to see who really needs to move it to the left.

Tonight's Mainstage Acts:
Salt n Pepa
John Legend

The Superlounges (that I will attend):

Super Excited! Hopefully I can share some good fashion with all of you! Maxi Dresses, though in, is NOT Style, and that's all I have seen so far worth mentioning.

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