Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Fashion Show Finale - Rundown of Finalists

The Fashion Show is on right now as I type, but I wanted to give my final thoughts of the final three collections before they announce the winner. I actually like all three designers for very different reasons:

James Paul

James Paul is definitely a designer's designer: he is thought provoking, fashion forward and truly artistic in his aesthetic. In fact, he is the epitome of an aesthetic. He has the type of collection that you want to see in a fashion show; maybe not to buy the clothes, but to be intrigued by the complexity of his craft.


Anna collection was very fun, wearable, and ultra chic. Her entire collection, though not cohesive, could be sold by many department stores. She definitely had a ready-to-wear collection which is ideal for a designer who wants to be popular, but I did feel it missed the artistic aspect that I enjoy watching on the runway.


To me, she was the best of both worlds out of the three designers. She had both artistic and ready-to-wear aspects of her collection. I wasn't a fan of how her jackets fit on the models, and though I understood her idea on shoulders, I wasn't that impressed. I also agreed with the judges that she was obsessed with skinny models, and her pants were not flattering on even the slimmest muse. Despite what i didn't like, I really liked her choice of colors and how her collection gelled as one cohesive collection. There was a theme, and it was very season-conscious.

So who do I choose? It's very hard for me. On basic attitude throughout, I choose Anna. On final runway SHOW alone, I choose James Paul. I have to say, the overall, I would have to go for Daniella as winner. 30 minutes until we all find out (I already know).


  1. My pick was Daniella, Anna, JP (can't see JP's designs as consumer friendly)Need to add Twitter to profile choice & maybe FB

  2. I love James-Paul all the way he did a collection for a fashion show, the others did a line, not a collection.


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