Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown Public Apology

I'm just gonna let him speak..

Leave comments.. let me know what you think.

His shirt is Hot!


  1. I mean I think he's been through alot and if the one person who was involved isn't pressing the issue everybody else needs to let it go. Everybody Pointing Fingers Like They Don't Do Their Dirt. Please.

  2. Ummm....Tina didn't press the issue either, but that don't mean Ike didn't beat the crap out of her and was wrong as heck for doing it!!! In the words of my homie "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", so I try not to judge people. I definitely think Chris Brown was wrong for what he did, but at least he apologized....better late than never. It makes sense for him to wait until the case ended though. I think we all should remember that CB is YOUNG, not even 21, and we all made mistakes being young and dumb. Let's just hope that he has learned a valuable lesson and will never do anything like this again.

  3. I think its so unfortunate that the two of them had to go through such a complicated experience at such a young age. They both do not really understand the implications and impressions this experience is going to have on their lives. All in all, teach your children how to deal with anger and what love should really feel like. (Love doesn't hurt or require pain to be real) They were both ill equipped for this type to handle the type of relationship they had. Hopefully, they have learned their lessons.


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