Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Fashion Show Finale Reflection: Reco is Gone - Shocked, but Not Surprised

I think that everyone agrees with me that it was a total shock that Reco would not make it to the final 3, let alone not win the first season of Bravo's The Fashion Show! My level of shock was premature, however, until I actually saw his collection. I have to agree with the judges that even though he was the most popular designer and "character" on the show, his collection was the least attractive of the Four.

He started off with a SICK belted jacket in a bold hue of blue that I thought would set the tone of his collection. I was worried because I saw nothing in that jacket that screamed his theme of The Journey, but I love the jacket nonetheless. Then the dresses become tighter and less flattering.... First, there was the red number that the model, after turning around, had to readjust herself because the dress was riding up her bum. It really proved that Reco got his start as a designer of stripper costumes.

Then it was that feather dress... one of his statement pieces.. that we saw on Project Runway 2 seasons ago with Christian Siriano's collection. Remember?

Shout outs to Sessilee Lopez for rockin' that dress.

After I saw this feather dress, I was totally over Reco's collection because it was not original, and you cannot make statement pieces that have already been made a statement by someone else (on the same network AND on the show that the Fashion Show is TRYING to be).

The wedding dress was a disaster! The model couldn't walk in it, and it looked like a costume gone wrong. That was the nail in the coffin for me. This was when I felt bad for Reco because since the first show, I was rooting for him.. I think it may have been the Obama factor for me, but I thought it would be good to see a Black man win a Fashion reality competition for once. But not with this collection....

Tune in on Thursday to see who wins it all on the Fashion Show!

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