Monday, July 20, 2009

Red Carpet Review: 2009 ESPYs

The 2009 ESPY Awards were aired today on ESPN with Samuel L. Jackson as host. I normally don't associate too many athletes with fashion, for a number of reasons; the main reason is that most muscular bodies aren't that easy to style. With that said, I didn't have many athletes to choose from for my best dressed, and I could basically name the whole Red Carpet under my "Not-So-Sure" Category.

One person who really stood out was Carmelo Anthony. His play of colors was phenomenal on the Red Carpet! The light mint green jacket with the brown tie and pocketsquare (that did Not match, by the way) was paired perfectly with cream slacks.

Serena Williams also tried the pastel look tonight, but it didn't quite work for her. Because of her build, Serena should stay away from wearing dresses with bustiers. Since bustiers are narrow at the waist, it broadens the chest, and that is an area that she should not want to be enhanced. Furthermore, the fit was not appealing around her underarm area..

Venus looked good on the red carpet. Keeping it printed and flowy.. perfect for the summer and just the right amount of chic for an awards show like the ESPYS.

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