Friday, July 31, 2009

Gisele Bundchen for London Fog

Giselle Bundchen isn't letting her pregnancy come in the way of her craft! The Brazilian Beauty has paid her dues long enough and in this new ad for London Fog (yes, London Fog... - I will discuss in a moment), the pregnant supermodel had undergone some serious editing to "smooth out" her baby belly. If you look closely, you can also tell that they digitally edited the removal of her underwear as well...

Back to London Fog.. when did they get hot again? I mean, they have to be back on the scene to get Giselle as their leading lady - I remember laughing at people who wore London Fog. It was very "Burlington Coat Factory" (Big up to Steve Carell and "The Office" for their "Surplus" episode in which he spent the surplus money on a Burlington Coat Factory shopping spree). These trench coats look very chic and expensive, so if you can find it at Burlington, then go for it! The Ave. will not be mad! You know we love a good trench!

1 comment:

  1. lOVE THE AD CAMPAIGN. I believe as a trendsetter you must have at least 1 trenchcoat in ur closet at all times! Burlington? if ur into fashion and love can shop anywhere and look FAB!!! *muah*


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