Sunday, September 13, 2009

She by Sheree Spring 2010 Collection

I'm Checkin' Sheree Now! - Checkin' her Collection Anyway ;-) - Pics from my small digital camera...

"A Fashion Show with No Fashions" was not the case for Sheree this time. The Real Housewife of Atlanta showed her Fashionista alter-ego today at the Red Bull Space for Fashion Week.

I was pleased to see that the collection appeared to have a sense of concept within its designs. However, I think that she could have done more analysis with the trends for S/S 2010, maybe by adding some floral patterns or even more beading and shoulder detail. One thing she did have going for her was cohesiveness; the collection actually went together and worked well when standing side-by-side. The construction on some of the pieces were a bit questionable, but all in all the collection was wearable, sensible, and an overall good effort by Sheree.

The collection is made for the everyday woman who wants to look good on a night out, and I hope that Sheree understands her market. I'm not sure if its Saks or Neiman Marcus ready, but it is definitely ready to be worn by the modern woman (or at least her slim fans). If the yellow piece was a bit longer, I think any girl would love to wear it.

Sidenote: I also heard that she was giving out T-Shirts that said "Who Gon' Check Me Boo" -- Sheree's people, please send me one! If I can't wear it, I will most definitely frame it!


  1. great analysis of this collection. Judging by the photos, it does seem quite cohesive (much better than the hot mess of line which debuted on Season 1.... haha). However, it is a little too rough around the edges (if you will) for placement in a high-brow department store.

  2. Yes, I'd love to have one of those t-shirt's. I'm glad her show finally took place.

  3. Anita L Reece, St. Pete FLSeptember 17, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    I am so very proud of Sheree. Hard work and perserverance pays off. "Better" is the future for She Fashions. I would be proud to represent a "She" girl.

  4. She needs to go to fashion school. The clothes were cute but they were repeats of the fashions from 2 and 3 years ago. I feel like anything that you want people to take you seriously in, you should be willing to invest in. Tommy Ford went to fashion school and worked for several top designers before he even considered having his own line. He paid his dues and learned through school and highly paid "internships." You cannot just become a designer and then get to be in fashion week. I think they let her do it because it is going to gather press for a little while. But you can't actually buy the clothes. Go to her homepage for a fashion line. There is nothing to buy but those t-shirts. Does she even have any company making her clothes for the public to buy?


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