Thursday, October 8, 2009

Follow Suit: Anti -wine Flu Suit in Japan

Want to fight off germs without the use of a Mask, or that vaccine mist that is probably just a bitter as those days of using Affrin? Want to look good while fighting off H1N1? Look no further! (if you're in Japan...)

Haryuma Trading has come out with the Anti-Swine Flu Suit, a men's suit described to do just what its name says.. to fight off H1N1.

Contains titanium oxide, also found in toothpaste and mouth wash, is said to fight off the virus on clothing, and protect those who may touch you if you're already infected. It wont cure h1n1, but it will help to keep the virus away from skin/pore contact while you're wearing the suit. Take it off, and I'm not sure what type of protection you really have.

Let's think feasibility here... the flue shot is $35 bucks... the suits costs about 600 US dollars... unless you want to wear the suit everyday (not recommended - just think about it) the best, most logical and cost effective option is to get the shot, or shuck it up (literally) and get the mist. Still wear suits though, its that time of year!

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