Tuesday, December 1, 2009

President Obama's Address on Afghanistan

Speaking before military officials and students at the Eisenhower Theater at West Point, Obama faced one of his most important sales pitches since his term began in January. To End "The War" or Keep it going.. his decision isn't as black and white as the aforementioned options, but Our President did a decent job in explaining his position and decision. Wearing the red silk tie with white/silver diagonal stripes, Obama spoke with such a caring tone. If you looked closely, it sems as if his eyes were a bit glossy. I always get a feeling of such sincerity with our president Speaks.

Let me first say, that President Obama has NOT changed his mind or position since coming to office. This should come to no surprise that he wants more troops in Afghanistan, as he has taken this position since his campaign trail. Back in 2008, one of his reasons to support phase troops out of Iraq is to move them to Afghanistan (see attached videos from his campaign).

His major concern is against al-qaeda, and ultimately working to establish peace within the region and abroad. It just seems that the Afghan threat is more longterm and based on potential of Taliban strength within the region. Obama said in his speech that there is no real sign of Afghanistan government being overturned, but that it is proven that the Taliban is gaining strength. "This isn't an idol or hypothetical threat." he said, "it is in our national interest"

With more troops means more money! Where will this money come from? There will need to be infrastructure developed and maintained for the additional 30,000 troops that are entering the desert. Obama discussed that the resources are not in question, but I disagree. Unless the addition of troops in Afghanistan was part of the long range plan within 4 years, then there likely wasn't a contingency plan to have the facilities needed to house, train, heal, and feed 30,000 more troops.

With this speech, and the decision to send the troops in early 2010, it is believed that President Obama now has truly inherited the war.. it is no longer Bush's war. Now what to we do? Will we see a more strategic mission now that Obama has inadvertently taken responsibility of middle eastern affairs? Let me know what you think!

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  1. It saddens me that it is now the status quo for politicians to disappoint constituents. Pres. Obama always said that he wanted to end the war but as long as the troops were at war provide them with adequate funding. Now, we are continuing the war. I find it troubling that Pres. Obama is unwilling to look at different methods of combating terrorism and the Taliban. My idea? Radicals are heard only on an empty stomach. We need to make more efforts to provide aid to Afghan people. I believe that through humanitarian efforts there will be less people willing to follow the Taliban.

    Also, when we fight Taliban through conventional warfare we run the risk of making more martyrs and civilian casualties. I also think that Pres. Obama needs the political will to raise revenue for the government through taxes and limit spending, defense spending especially. Thank you for the forum to vent.


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