Monday, January 10, 2011

DC Metro Bag Checks: Get Checked in Style

All eyes will definitely be on your bags now if you ever ride on the DC Metro. Why not be checked in style? For those of you who are fortunate enough to get your bags randomly checked, your style could distract them if you had any of these bags;

Lanvin Nylon Bowling Bag
Durable and stylish, this nylon bag has some pretty suck lacing detail and a non-standard color. Flashy, yet chill enough for the guy on the go.

Louis Vuitton Utah Tattoo Bag.
I love the Louis Vuitton bags that are unconventional and don't scream LOUIS VUITTON... While the logo is present, its low-key and blends in with the tattoo design. This bag under the collaboration of Scott Campbell is the perfect luxury bag that's undetectable for a good reason (don't say "undetectable" around the security force!)

Yohji Yamamoto Boston Bag
Rugged and practical, you can take this bag from the gym to the jet with ease.

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