Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game Returns to BET - The WORST Moments

photo: BET

Here we go, the moment many of you have been waiting for for at least two years... "The Game" finally premiers tonight for its resurrection on BET. I can say that after the last season of "The Game" I was relieved that it was being canceled... although I saw it more as show being put out of its misery.. the writing, plot, and videography were on on the illest decline I have ever seen! In fact, here are some moments that I wish I had never seen, and I hope will NOT be reflected tonight (yeah, I'm still going to watch it tonight.. I'm not crazy)

- Tasha Mack singing "Take a Bow" when she got fired and thought Rick Fox was plotting this the whole time.... Why did they let her sing the ENTIRE song?!?! The only funny part was when the little jewish guy started singing along

- When the "Big Burly" football player had a solo song/dance to "Bed" before throwing himself on Malik.

- The fake Sesame Street muppet show that commenced after "Big Burly" and Malik had the love affair... that song was super whack!

- The party in Malik's loft when they were playing "Vivrant Thing" AND playing Red light/Green Light... This was the WORST!!

- Melanie turning into a heaux and crying about it... I mean come on... every episode?? Really MedSchool?!?!

- Melanie having time to have all of this drama WHILE BEING IN MED SCHOOL -- where's the realism?!

OK BET, congrats for resurrecting a show that everyone wants to see, I hope the cast/production does it justice!

I would have rather seen Girlfriends come back... Tracy Ellis Ross is hilarious and amazing.

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