Friday, February 12, 2010

Menswear Review: Day 1 of Fashion Week

Menswear F/W 2010 Collections (left to right): Mik Cire, Oumlil, Mackage

Day One of New York Fashion Week was definitely full of menswear collections. Good news for me, since I enjoy reviewing collections that I would actually wear. This season, as opposed to other seasons, included collection of Realistic Menswear; clothing that doesn't have to have the prefix "man" in front of it... You know, like "man-purse", "Man-pris" "man-skirt"...

The modern man isn't uncomforntable wearing a suit outside of the job or church, and many of the collections included some well tailored suits, even with extra flare for a more casual event.

Oumlil featured scalloped lapels, which may not be traditionally professional, but would definitely work from day to evening with ease.

George McCraken presented a collection that was spot on with what any modern man would want to be seen in at work or on the weekend; featuring well tailored suits and outerwear.

Mik Cire by Eric Kim was full of sleek, well tailored jackets befitting for any occasion. Kim did an amazing job mixing the elements of fit and style, adding modern details yet keeping each look practical and wearable for any occasion.

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