Friday, February 12, 2010

Project Runway Season 7: Review of Bryant Park Collections

This Season's Project Runway contestants presented their collections at the Tent in Bryant Park this morning. To keep the secret as to which three contestants made the final show, Ten contestants presented collections. Some collections were indicative of the designer's exit of the show before the top three, while there were about five designers who appeared to be top contenders for the finale show.

I didn't want to give away anything, so no pictures, but I will give a brief review of each of the designers that I thought have a good chance of being in the finale.


My top collection was Jay, who was the first to present and blew me away! His look was cohesive and well-executed. The first look, a wool/tweed high neck coat with leather and studded collar was amazing!


Emilio Sosa's Collection, cleverly titled "Color Me Bad," was a collection of wise color combinations and perfect execution of knitwear, demonstrating his exsquisite sewing talent. His collection wasn't over-the-top, but extremely wearable; it actually reminded me of a Michael Kors Collection.


Mila was the best female designer of the morning, using heavy materials and combining them to create patched designs within each piece. She used alot of wool and patent leather accents, and kept her collection fun and edgy.

Seth Aaron

Seth Aaron stayed true to his aethetic during his collection, showing a mix of 40's Military/Punk Rock with each look. His work with plaid in different colors was amazing, and his geometric shapes and use of houndstooth was impeccable.


Anthony wasn't my favorite, but I will mention him because after talking with others after the show, I was in the minority. Anthony did put on a SHOW, with dramatic, yet realistic gowns, using lots of sequins and beading. He did have one of the best gowns of the entire show; A mermaid dress with a black sheer top, covered with multi-color beading. This dress was spot on with the current Fall/Winter 2010 trends of sheer tops and was executed perfectly. If his designs in the rest of the episodes lead him to the finale, then I think you will see that the judges will thank Anthony for bring energy to the presentation.

Be sure to tune in to Project Runway on Thursday nights on Lifetime! You have a couple months until you get to see the collections, and I won't ruin it for you.. I promise

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