Monday, May 3, 2010

Kobe Bryant - Is That You? LA Times Article/ Photo Shoot

OK I really didn't want to believe these photos - but they have been confirmed..

When many of us think of Kobe Bryant, we think of a few things, and they all pertain to basketball. Whether you think he will have the same legacy as Jordan, or if you find him to be arrogant and lucky, your thoughts are always basketball-based. I don't think many of you would find him to be a model muse, and these photos from LA Times won't help either!

The spread is for a LA Times article spread called "White Hot" which portrays Kobe in a very vulnerable, yet extremely awkward way. Some don't even look like him! This is why I first thought these were doctored pics, but thats what an all white outfit, background and photoshop can do..

I'm interested in your comments! What does Kobe look like to you? A curious cowboy? A dainty desert eagle? LOL, you decide!

To read the article, which was conducted during Kobe Bryant's manicure and makeup session for the photo shoot (seriously), check out LA Times here.

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