Friday, May 21, 2010

Naomi Campbell to Testify in War Crime Case

Supermodel Naomi Campbell may find herself back in court, but not for throwing phones at assistants. Campbell was asked by prosecutors to testify against Liberian President Charles Taylor in reference to his war crime accusations. There are allegations that Taylor gave Naomi a diamond ring during a dinner in South Africa - but of course it can't be that innocent; it is thought to be what we call a Blood Diamond (I can vividly imagine Naomi Campbell's walk to Kanye's "Diamonds" song). Campbell denied the request, and now prosecutors are seeking a court subpoena for Campbell's testimony.

Campbell was on Oprah a couple weeks ago and didn't confirm or deny the allegations of receiving a diamond from Taylor (leave it to Oprah - much like when she asked Naomi's boyfriend if he was still married).

Campbell is not personally facing any type of court sentence for this, but it is still not a positive turn for Campbell's life. She has really got to find a way out of the courtroom and keep it on the catwalk.

CNN has more details - Check it out here

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