Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 BET Awards: Swank Synopsis

For those who follow me on twitter (@Avenueswank) you were flooded with commentary about the BET Awards. The fashion was tremendously underwhelming, except for a few of Nikki Minaj's numbers, so a full style rundown can't truly be done. If you dont follow me, you can check out my twitter feed to see all that was said. But, since you read the Ave, here are some highlights and extra random thoughts from the BET Awards (in no particular order):


- Kanye's performance reminded me of his entire last tour. But at least he is back.

- The Audio/Visual Crew shouldn't get fired, but they def need a pep talk

- No Beyonce, no Jay-Z, no Rihanna... TONS of Chris Brown.. You do the math.

- Chris Brown crying = instant PR for free! I feel it was sincere, AND it helped with his ratings. - Perhaps Obama should cry about the Oil Spill to get his ratings back up..

- Eminem's performance was a million times more emotional than Chris Brown's and he didn't have to cry.

- El Debarge was so good that he did 27 songs...

- El Debarge was trying to hard to dance with people who probably dont even remember who he was

- El Debarge peformed so much that I felt like it was a benefit concert for him.

-El Debarge, again.

- The choir dude's hair behind Eminem -- ridiculous

- I don't know where Diddy was, but his guest star SMOKE did an awesome job with the performance.

- The best dressed of the night was T.I and Lady Gaga.. oh wait.. that was Nicki Minaj..

- Alicia Keys won back points after she jumped her pregnant self on that piano

- Dru Hill's hair... that is all.

- Someone should have popped the helium out of Monica's shoulder and taught her how to swim. No need for floaties on stage.

- Usher should have performed OMG.

- Nia Long and Jada Pinkett Smith, THANK YOU.

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