Monday, June 28, 2010

Dress Up the Draft - Top 3 Best Dressed of the 2010 NBA Draft

For the past ten years, the NBA Draft has been one big Pimp Suit fest. Flashy pinstripes and coloruful tie/pocket square combos ruled the night, making the NBA team cap the best piece of fashion on the screen. One reason may have been because of the height and disporportion of the players make it difficult to find suits that have the perfect fit. The more logical reason is because the players actually thought that this look was cool . This season, however, the players have gotten smarter in their choices for suits, opting for calmer patterns and simpler lapel shapes. Here is my Top 3 of the Draft's Top Ten Picks

Paul George, Indiana Pacers #10 - Simple Summer look; khaki suit, light blue shirt, and a small pin dot tie and tie clip. Just enough shirt cuff showing under his jacket.

Wesley Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves #4 - This is a current way of being different, yet in the traditional sense. This is a basic Ralph Lauren look, but it's not what you would expect to see on a NBA Draft Pick. From full length, I think the pants could have had a better fit, but otherwise, this was a great look!

Al-Farouq Aminu, LA Clippers #8 - Aside from the nerd glasses, this was my favorite look! This was the typical three-piece suit that we normally see on Draft Day, but this was a modern take. The black piping along the pocket was the perfect accent for his look.

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