Monday, June 14, 2010

Beyonce - The Bridge of Fashion?

Beyonce in Thierry Mugler

There is no doubt that Beyonce is one of the premier muses of Fashion. She isn't as avant garde as Lady Gaga, nor does she have her own Hause (well.. she does have the House of Dereon, but I don't call that fashion). One thing she does have, however, is the power to sell millions of records, and sell out shows. She also has the following of many fans who always what to know what (or who) she is wearing.

Beyonce in Gareth Pugh (right), Agyness Deyn in Runway Presentation (left)

If you know fashion, and its history, then you know her last album was heavily influenced by the style of Thierry Mulgler. Nearly all of her looks from the album were created by Mugler (and used back in George Michael's "Freedom" video). Not only has she used Mulger, but she has also used the forward-thinking designs of Gareth Pugh (think "Diva" and "Sweet Dreams" video).

So here is the Bridge part..

WWD reports that Theirry Mugler is in talks with Gareth Pugh regarding him becoming the lead designer of the brand. Pugh and Mugler both represent true avant garde fashion and push the mind into the outer limits as far as what looks good on an editorial campaign, AND which musical artists can actually translate editorial looks on stage. What a good team this would be, as they both know that Beyonce could handle this daunting task.

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