Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Money is the Root of All Campaigns -CEO's Ruling the Ballots

Politicians, put your MOUTH where your Money is!

You read that correctly.. its not backwards.. In the political arena, an arena powered by money, its sometimes the fortune that outweighs the capabililties of one's platform.
Money has been the baseline (and necessity) for a successful political campaign. Even with Obama's grass-roots efforts, it was just as much about donations as it was outreach. I'm sure we could research and find some victories that energed from a small, modest campaign (Ahem.. Alvin Greene anyone?? Maybe thats not a good example..), but normally its the money that does most of the talking..

Meg Whitman - Former eBay CEO and California Gubernatorial Candidate

Carly Fiorina - Former HP CEO and Senate Candidate

I find this to be the case with the recent primaries. In California, we have former CEO's of major companies running for major offices in November. Meg Whitman of Ebay and Carly Fiorina of HP are the new GOP candidates for Governor and Senator, respectively. Two powerful women who, with their crazy salaries, generous severance packages, and other typical sources of income for those in their caliber, who don't have to worry about "budgeting" a campaign..

Is this what it takes to run for office? Money and a powerful title at with a company known for its brand power? Maybe this is just a trend found in California, where many of their political minds are actors, basketball stars and corporate Kings (and Queens in this case).

Linda McMahon - CEO of WWE, and US Senate Candidate

Lets move to Connecticut, where Linda McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is running as a GOP Senate candidate for the state. I don't follow Connecticut politics, but I was a wrestling fan back in my tweens, and I think that the WWE (formerly WWF) is what McMahon is most known for .. in any event, with the empire that she and her husband Vince McMahon have created and maintained, it goes to show that raising funds will not be a problem for her either.

So it's not just in California, but now the question is, is popularity more important that position? Did Californians really care about what Schwarzinger felt about the budget, just as long as he said "I'll Be Back" in his campaign tour? Will those in Connecticut forgive Linda McMahon on any scandal that her opponent's campaign may promote, if she promises to bring The Miz on stage?

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